It’s hard to believe, but Besset’s first published comic was back in 1997, while Lewis was working on the
first Matrix movie. Since then, she has had a five Issue mini-series drawn by Lewis. Also, three collaboration
one-shot Issues with art by Marilyn Pride, Louise Graber and Jason Jordan. Over the years, numerous
artists have drawn their own interpretation of the character, including Glenno Smith and Arnum Endean.
After the initial seven Issue run, the concept was turned on its head as the possibility of a live-action film
was explored. Through fifteen varying drafts, characters and events were shuffled around, resulting
in interesting story possibilities. When it was clear the film deal wasn’t going to happen, these re-imagined
plot strands were shaped into a re-boot of the original story, formatted as an on-line comics series.

This is the all new Besset V.3 story. Readers of the original series and The Peregrine Besset Omnibus will notice a number of changes, don't think you know what comes next, this is not the same story!
Peregrine Besset is your standard
time-travelling Ancient Egyptian dwarf.

Call her adventurous, Call her audacious,
Call her free spirited - Just don’t call her “little” !